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Two weeks ago I posted my monthly me and mine portrait. This week our group is focusing on faceless portraits. Of course, I chose my daughter to document. She has so many different layers to who she is. One moment she wants to be grown and then the next she wants to do child-like activities.  I love this kid and the different facets of who she is. I shot most of these, except for the last two, with film.

She loves playing on her pink 3DS…


She loves to do her own hair. It takes us forever to get out on most days because she’s trying to get her hair just right.  She tells me that she’s too old for plats and 2 ponytails.

And, she still plays with dolls. Suzie is her favorite. She loves Suzie, matted hair and all 😀

Sidenote: She saw this post, and wanted me to make sure that I didn’t tell anyone that she’s wearing footie pajamas, so don’t tell her that I told you, k? 😉

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