Creating Memories: Spring Mini Sessions | Wilmington Delaware Family Photographer

People always ask me why I choose to be a photographer. It definitely came about from wanting to document my daughter’s life, not just take pictures of what she was wearing but to document a specific time in her life. I wanted to capture the true essence of the person that she is, but I also wanted to capture moments so that we could always look back later and think…I remember that! It’s not just the moment that I find important, but the feeling. The feeling that you get when you look at an image that reminds you of what it meant to be there at that time. Even if you weren’t there it makes you wish that you had an image like that of you and your loved ones.

When I was younger, every year around this time we would go to the department store, wait our turn, and then do the task of having our pictures taken. We would smile for the camera because that’s what you do! You smile for the camera, wearing clothes that you really don’t like, and you cheese it up for the photographer that just wants to get you done and off to the next person. They don’t even know your name and probably don’t care and that’s a shame because we all have a story and it’s never told in images from those places. Even looking back on those pictures today I think myself how truly unauthentic it really was. Those pictures don’t say anything about who we were as a family, and I can still remember not enjoying the process.

This is why I truly love what I do. I love hanging out with my clients and their children and documenting them as they should be documented. In the most honest way possible. It’s always such an honor to be able to capture their memories with the ones that they love with my camera. Even looking back at past sessions I think to myself these are images that their children will cherish when they get older. These will be their family heirlooms. Even thinking back now about my father who passed 5 years ago. I think to myself how I would love to have an image of us just being who we were, but we never got around to doing that. So, this is why I will be opening up an opportunity for you mom, and you dad, to get in the picture with your children because they need that. Honestly, you do too. You deserve to have beautiful images that capture the true essence of who you are as a family. Or if you are an auntie, or best friend that wants to gift someone you care about with a special gift you can do so too. The sessions will be open to anyone who wants to have a beautiful photos with the ones they love. 🙂

I’ll be making a formal announcement soon! If you want to know more information now just complete my contact form. 🙂






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