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That was the little message in my daughter’s fortune cookie. She came to me and said that she was going to keep it to remind her to never quit. I told that’s a good idea, and then she asked me if I ever felt like quitting and I was honest and said yeah, sometimes. Then she followed up and wanted to know what I wanted to quit, and I told her photography. Now, I just knew that she would say something like good, no more pictures, but she didn’t. Without skipping a beat she told me that I can’t quit something that I was good at. Her words touched my soul. Photography isn’t her thing it’s mine. I was really moved by her words because she was telling me in her eyes I was too good to quit. I think she was telling me that she was proud of what I do, but being a preteen she just kept it short and to the point. I know some of you are thinking why do you want to quit? Well, I’m just tired of feeling like I’m not going anywhere with this whole thing like the business, and just my overall vision. Sometimes, I do question when will things finally happen for me, but I don’t always vocalize those thoughts because I don’t want to complain. I always feel like I have too much to be thankful for so I just don’t go there. Okay, my hubby has to hear and maybe one friend. LOL

So, later we went so that I could finally get some images of this place that I always pass when I’m walking around the city. It really is beautiful. It’s so pretty that it doesn’t look like it belongs in the spot where it’s located. It’s like a bit of pretty peacefulness in the middle of choas. Well, as usual my daughter gave me 5 minutes and I got a few shots, and honestly, they didn’t move me in my mind so I just edited a few and came across this image and decided to convert it to black and white:

celeste jones photography city life

Then, I decided to do one in color because the colors were simply amazing.


celeste jones photography color city life

So, as I was editing these images I sat back and decided to look at my work and you know, I’ve come a long way. Not only that but I’ve been blessed this year. I wrote my first workshop for ClickinMom’s that got really great reviews. I know, right?! Me, I wrote a workshop and people were inspired by my words and my images. I’ve been published and just had my first showing. I don’t really have a reason to quit, or feel sorry for myself. I guess it sometimes takes others to tell you that quitting is not an option. I just wanted to share that message from my 11 year old this morning to help myself appreciate my accomplishments and not focus on what I don’t have, but also to help someone else. I hope it helps. <3

P.S…this kid always loves to put flip flops on. I think she does it to mess up my vision. LOL. <3

P.S.S…I always feel awkward writing on my blog. Like I wonder if anyone reads it. 😉


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