I love this girl so much | Wilmington Teen Photographer

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express how much I love my daughter. We really do have fun together. I just love taking her pictures. It’s like things just sort of click without much direction. I will admit that sometimes I get frustrated because I’m trying I’m trying to be an ‘artist’ meanwhile she’s trying to be on her phone, but we make a good team without a lot of extra effort. Plus, now she’s getting to the point where she kind of enjoys it. I think she enjoys it because I let her be her. That’s the secret. I think that’s the secret with a lot of my portraiture. When I first started out she had to have a certain gaze, certain clothes, etc. but I’ve stepped away from that and have taking a more documentary approach. I get what I want, we have fun, and I get to capture her in her true essence.

cierra collage


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