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Dear Cece,

This month you will be turning 11, and you are so excited about it. However, for me it’s bittersweet, because while I am happy that I am blessed to celebrate another year with you I can’t help but be a little sad too. I see so many changes in you. You’re almost as tall as I am. You think you know everything, and you love to text. My goodness, you love to text.  I also see the changes in our relationship. You don’t seem to rely on me for the same things that you did before. You can do your own hair, and fix most of your own meals and now you like to have a little privacy. For me it’s hard sometimes to step back and allow you to find your own way, but I know that doing so is best for you to be the best that you can be in life. You know that you can still come to me when you need to cuddle. You know you still like that. I do too. I also love our little conversations. Listening to you telling me what’s going on in your little world means so much to me.

So, as another year passes I just want you to know that I love you lots. I’m enjoying this journey with you and hope to celebrate a lot more birthdays with my favorite girl in the world.


Your mom

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