My personal growth + Lyniah | Wilmington Delaware Portrait Photographer

Recently, I did a shoot with Lyniah. I always know that I’m going to have fun when we work together.  A lot of people aren’t aware, but Lyniah was actually my first paid client. That’s a big deal by the way ;). About a year or so ago, her mom contacted me and told me that she needed images for her portfolio.  At first I tried to refer her to a friend who was more “qualified” to do the job. I didn’t want to have that responsibility of producing images for someone’s portfolio because I wasn’t yet confident in my own work product at the time. At the time I was a mom taking pictures of her kid, not someone doing it as a profession.  But her mom insisted and I’m actually glad that she did.

So on the day of her session, I arrived with my pentax k2000, kit lens, and a white foam board (diy reflector) that I got from some arts & craft store 🙂 I laugh about it now because I really didn’t have much concept of exposure and composition among other things. I remember pressing the shutter button wishing, hoping, and praying that the images would be decent.

I still look at those pictures with a great sense of pride because it shows me how far I’ve come with my work.

Then Spring 2009:

Fall 2010

Summer 2011


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