They always want to grow up so fast| Wilmington Delaware| Portrait Photographer

My kid always want to rush life, but weren’t we all like that? 😀 It’s still funny watching her rush everything. Today, we went to Ulta  and of course she loved it. I think she loves it a little too much.

Here’s a before pic…

I can’t blame her, because all the options are tempting to play with.

I was afraid someone was going to say something. Imagine me taking pictures, and her playing in make-up, but I did buy something. One girl walked by and told her that she was doing a good job. I think that compliment made her day! Thanks girl at the store 🙂

The after picture….I laughed, and then she got upset. I apologized, and told her it was okay. I don’t think she believed me though.

Ahh, I love being the mom of a little girl, so much personality.


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