Shooting personal work is good for the soul | Delaware Tween Photographer

I love how she’s always willing to let me photograph her. Okay, you caught me in little fib, okay a big one! LOL The way the story actually went was I gave her an option. Clean her room or sit for me for a couple of images. So…she sat for a few images. I only took like 10 minutes of her time.

I love shooting personal work because I take more chances with it. I get tired of trying to do things right all of the time. I’m not going to lie, but sometimes I’m afraid to show my work because I have weird expectations of myself. Everything has to be just right, and what if no one likes it, right? Then I have to give myself a big girl talk. It’s okay, just post it girl! So, then I post it and sometimes I get a good reception, and sometimes not much of anything. I don’t know, but I blame social media for this constant need for validation. Hey, did y’all like my fan page? I’m just kidding, sort of. 😀 I just want to photograph from the heart. Just shoot what makes me feel something I don’t care if it’s happy, sad, or composed properly, or anything else that we photographers worry about. When people say that they want to create more compelling images I tell them to shoot for themselves, and shoot in a way that you don’t care about showing it to others. Stop worrying about what others think because I can guarantee you that some will like it and there will be others that won’t, and that’s okay. You know how when you do things when no one is looking because that’s who you really are and it’s what you like to do? I think of it like when I like to dance in the dressing room when my pants fit. I do the you see me looking good dance. 😉 That’s the kind of shooting that you should do. Shoots, that’s the kind of shooting that I need to do more of too, know what I mean?

Okay, I’m stepping down from my soapbox, plus my husband is tired of hearing me sing. He asked me if I was okay, yeah I’m okay…I’m singing!






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