This Summer I…| Wilmington Delaware| Portrait Photographer

Took ridiculous pictures of my daughter 🙂

Ate lots of junk food. I love Polish water ice!

Tried fried pickles…

And came to the realization that I don’t like fried pickles.

Went to NYC. My hubby loves this place!

Took an artistic picture of his hands with the pizza 😉

Watched my daughter play on the beach.


and in black and white, because sometimes it’s hard for me to choose 😀

And taught her a cool levitation trick. Okay, she was just jumping 🙂

Took a couple of imperfect images that I just couldn’t part with.

Annoyed a certain someone with all the pictures that I took this summer. She said she doesn’t like her hair here, but I do.

Was treated to lunch by my special girl, but we ended up paying her back though. Oh, and she discovered her love for mascara too.

Helped someone unleash their inner diva side 😉 That’s right, work it!!!

And, finally stepped in front of the camera for my own family pictures.  A picture of me and my daughter for the first time. Thank you Courtney .





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